Robin Scherbatsky once said

Robin: Chemistry. You got chemistry, you only need one other thing.
Ted: What is that?
Robin: Timing. But timing is a bitch.

While exploring Ted Mosby Syndrome on the Internet, I found an article published on yorknouse, which is a student journal of University of York(UK).

This article was published in 2012 when HIMYM hadn’t had an unexpected ending. I guess a lot of college boys can relate to Ted, who is romantic, innocent, and a bit nerdy. That’s exactly what we are when we first get into colleges. We are attracted by the gorgeous girl we meet at some party, but it turns out we don’t have equal attractiveness. So we start being friends with the girl, and never dare to say “I like u” in front of her. Though we have a rehearsal a thousand times in our hearts, maybe.

You can call that simp, but once you meet that girl, you’ll know it’s all worth it, I mean if you’d ever meet that girl. Ted married Robin when he was 40, he waited that long and still loved Robin. That’s romantic and ideal. I believe someone can do that. But it’s more about timing. As Robin said, timing is a bitch.

Since we cannot make the timing always right, the only thing we can hope is that we have some luck. It is not hard for us to tell the author of the article must be single and wanted to have a girlfriend when he wrote that piece, well, he did find his girl. Not every boy who once considered himself Ted Mosby can get his dream girl, but some of them are indeed lucky enough to do so. When you see the author’s avator on Twitter where he has a big smile with the pretty girl beside him, you know it’s probably another romantic story.