A Trip to New York

I visited NY last week to attend my cousin’s graduation ceremony in SVA.

With the same vibe I got from American TV shows, New York possesses all the fancy stores I visited in Manhattan, exquisite restaurants, the latest trend, noisy and dirty streets, regular but annoying traffic congestion, row upon row of skyscrapers, and the energetic and ubiquitous crowds. Music played on the street was Welcome to New York by Taylor Swift, who actually gave a speech at NYU’s graduation ceremony this year. In SVA, student representatives of bachelor’s and master’s gave interesting speeches to congratulate their fellows. What moved me most, was the speech given by Roxane Gay later. She mentioned the covid tragedy, the losing abortion right and declining feminism in the US. This is a fucking depressing world, but we can actually make some change to it by building the bridge connecting our dream world and the real world. The work we do can contribute to this goal each day. And when she mentioned her lovely wife, I was so shocked. It’s totally legal and normal in Canada for LGBT couples, I’m just not hearing ladies saying my lovely wife that often, which did make me smile under my mask for a while. It’s awesome. New York’s inclusiveness is different from that in Vancouver. I think in Vancouver, it’s more about respecting other people. Everyone is so polite. In NY, it’s just in their daily life. Because you can find so many fascinating but drastically different people and things there just by looking around. Hard to say which is better, because you also need to consider living expenses and safety factors when it comes to living in a city. I really love the prosperity and incredible inclusiveness of New York, but I’m too poor to live there. When I came back from NY, I was nearly broke.

On my way back home, for some reason, Air Canada oversold their tickets, so my ticket was still SBY 30 minutes before the plane took off. Worried and depressed, I went to the store near the check-in gate to buy some water, and I saw a super cute cashier there who used lustre lipstick. She smiled at me when she saw me, and I can see her lips shining a bit in the daylight. I got on the plane at last but didn’t dare to drink a single drop of water because I didn’t want to use the toilet on the flight. So I took the water bottle with me all the way home, and it always reminded me of the lady with shining lips.

NY is worth visiting. And I do hope I can say my lovely wife or husband proudly in public if I could ever meet that guy.