Two TVB Travel Shows

I’ve been obsessed with TVB travel shows recently.

Roaming Siblings

I watched this a few times before. I like the destination(Switzerland) and casts(Nancy Wu, Elaine Yiu, Edwin Siu, and Raymond Cho) so much, so I could watch it over and over again.

Besides the picturesque lakes and mountains, Switzerland has a relaxing social atmosphere and much less pressure compared with China. I went there once when I was in my first year of college. We arrived in Geneva on a Friday. I still remember that two young people were running by Lake Geneva at 10 that morning. I was so shocked because I can’t imagine running on a Friday morning in China. I told myself that it was my dream to be able to run at 10 on a Friday morning. And ever since then, Switzerland becomes my dream place, my neverland, and my panacea.

Back to the show, it has a very delightful vibe and you can tell the casts are rather close friends. Since they make fun of each other all the time. The well-crafted script is filled with introductions to scenery, slightly dirty jokes, and humorous skits. I appreciate the persistence of Nancy, the courage of Elaine, and the humor of Edwin and Raymond. When they held the beauty pageant among the black face sheep and chose the one to get the winner crown, Elaine asked Nancy if she had anything to say to the winner. Nancy went like “take it slow (慢慢熬吧)” and then they both laughed. I guess that’s how she went through the tough time in TVB and finally won the best actress award. Elaine is really pretty and brave. I’ve never seen her look scared or timid in all the shows I watched. She is strong inside but very feminine outside. Nancy, on the contrary, is boyish outside but kind of fragile inside. I think I can see through her pain and vulnerability from her emotionless expression occasionally.

The Sisterhood Traveling Gang

The sisterhood gang is consist of Nancy, Elaine, Selena, Paisley, Myolie, and Mandy.

The friendship among girls is sensitive but very considerate. They would provide dress advice to each other, shop, travel, and have fun together. Mandy is the youngest one and sometimes looks dumb. Nancy is a workaholic. Elaine is the most beautiful one and she has a brave heart. Selena, the quiet but warm one, looks like a perfect wife and mother. Paisley is the oldest and very enthusiastic to help others solve problems. Myolie, who would pay for all others’ business class tickets, is the richest.

They went to Australia, which I don’t like that much though I have never been there. The tourism resources there are so natural and close to animals. If I use the color green to describe Switzerland, the color for Australia would be yellow, which reflects the sand, the kangaroo, and the light of restaurants and pubs.

There are a lot of interesting stories in the show, I cannot remember them all. Like when Elaine jumped on Nancy’s back, Nancy laughed out loud. When they tried to help Selena throw away her ugly clothes, things got funny cause she had so many of them. When Mandy, Selena, and Nancy stayed in the same little tub to take a bath, the tub is so small that the vibe is kind of weird lol. When they tried the steep slide, Selena and Mandy dared not to let go while Elaine did without hesitation. When Elaine got injured on her face, all of them were depressed. Nancy even broke down when she saw the photo of the injury.

It’s very lucky to have a group of friends like them, especially when they are in the entertainment industry. Just like Selena said at the ending of the show, “I’m so thankful that I have a bunch of sisters to laugh with, to have fun with, to cry with, to do everything with.” I feel the same sometimes. Thankful.

I like both shows and I hope TVB could make more travel shows like these.