Project Hackathon

I finished my first in-person hackathon today and I have so many feelings right now.

Just want to write them down to help me remember all the moments and moods.

The business style

The team that won the top1 reward in our track has a real business style of solving problems. Their team and mine actually have rather similar thoughts. While we are trying to get everything super practical and with existed technology, they try to paint the blueprint of the whole project. It is seeing the way they solve the problem and the first boy’s excellent presentation skills that make me realize how different students in science and business are. It is very hard to say which one is better, but you can tell they think in so different ways.

Nice teammates

So I have really good teammates in this hackathon. Maddy, Ivy, and Ireena. Ireena covered all the AR/VR thing and she totally nailed it. Maddy and I completed the figma stuff while Ivy made all the slides. All the discussions and finally came up with a thorough project. Although we didn’t win the top reward which is $500, I feel quite lucky to work with them.

Maddy borrowed me her clothes since I literally don’t have any clothes that could be called “business”. I had to arrive at her place at around 8:20 am so that we can get to school on time. So I got up at 7 am. That’s insanely early for me, since I haven’t got up that early for almost a whole year. But I made it. Good job meihui.

After the hackathon, I took a short walk with Maddy and her friends. We sat near the garden, talked about things in school, and felt the wind blow. The incoming midterms, the marathon they plan to run, and all the funny or stressful moments really make me relaxed for the first time in two days. It’s good to see the smile on their face LOL. And it’s very considerate that they will explain the background for me when they want to talk about something I may not know. Thanks Maddy, for the business clothes and your super nice friends haha.

Sleep on the grass

I want to sleep on the grass, it’s like a certain weird dream I always have. After we finished the presentation, Ivy, Maddy, and I took a walk around the building. Feeling too tired and stressed at that time, I just wanted to lay down. So they sat there watching people couple dancing, and I laid on the grass and closed my eyes. Along with sunlight on my face, I heard the distant dancing music, chirp, and people’s laughter and then gradually lost my consciousness. When I woke up, Ivy was still there waiting for me while Maddy was back earlier. It’s really comforting when you see someone is still waiting for you. Big thanks Ivy :)

It feels good to attend activities like this. It makes you realize the difference when people solve problems and make you enjoy the time working with friends. After we finished the schedule of the first day, we went to Ivy’s place to finish the remaining work and laughed for a long long time. I hope I can remember and cherish the precious moments. When Maddy said goodbye to me at the bus station, despite all the exhaustion, I felt the night wind on my face. This is how you want to live, good friends, planned but uncertain tomorrow, and the unfinished work.