Afterthoughts of HIMYM

Robin is lucky and unlucky at the same time cause she can always have what she wants from men while she can never become the perfect son of her father. This is kind of sad. Such an independent woman she is, she still struggles with all the family bullshit there. If I were her, though, probably I will still feel bad about what my parents said. It is very hard for you to not consider what your parents said. I, personally, hope not to contact them that much.

I did get obsessed with Robin one time because of her bright smile. Obsession is a sign that indicates you are not confident enough. A humanbeing who is confident enough should focus on his or her own life rather than the life of someone else. So I’m not that into her right now.

But still, next time I go to Starbucks, my name will be Robin.

Ted is a hopeless romantic guy. Although I’m not romantic or brave, I consider myself as Ted. Maybe becuase there is always a Robin for me. Although my “Robins” change very often, they do have something in common. They all are independent, strong, smart and pretty. I can feel the spirits and work harder.

Just like sex and the city. When you watch this show, you feel the lively energy, and you know you’d better work.