My keyboard log

I became interested in the keyboard when I was writing my graduation thesis at home during the epidemic last year. At that time, I had to communicate with my classmates and teachers about the progress of the paper on WeChat every day, as well as crazy codewords, so I started watching the video of the keyboard.

Mechanical Keyboard

1. Apex Pro

My first keyboard was Apex Pro which I bought on It took me 1,800 RMB with three- year of quality insurance. This keyboard has OmniPoint adjustable switches independently developed by SteelSeries, which allows you to customize the actuation distance by yourself. There is also a small smart OLED screen at the top right of the keyboard where you can customize the icon. With the driver of SteelSeries, you could change the RGB lighting mode and there are quite a lot of them. It is actually a very good keyboard to use, but the keycaps are made of abs material. It only took a week for the keycaps to lose their texture and begin to “shine”.


2. Ducky One 2 Mini

Ducky One 2 Mini is a 60% small keyboard with no arrow keys. At that time I didn’t know how important the arrow keys were to me, and I was interested in the small layout keyboard. Before buying it, I compared it with Anne Pro 2. Although Anne Pro 2 has wireless mode and seems lighter in weight, I prefer Ducky One 2 Mini in appearance. However when I bought this small keyboard with Cherry blue switches, I found it very unsuitable for writing essays. I then changed the keycaps to Crisis by Domikey with SA height which was another mistake. Although the keycaps look very cool, SA height with Cherry blue will make your fingers exhausted and get tired of typing just in one day.

Ducky One 2 mini with Domikey Crisis

Customized Keyboard

3. Comb 65

My third keyboard, named Comb 65, is also my first customized keyboard. It looks a bit similar to Think 6.5 designed by Gray Studio, but it is made of acrylic, which looks a bit cheaper. This is a hot-swappable keyboard, so no soldering is required. And unlike most customized keyboards, this is a stock keyboard, so I don’t need to wait too long. As for the switches and keycps, I bought the Gateron stabilizer set, Gateron Yellow switches and GMK Oblivion keycap set which is the most expensive keycap set I’ve ever had. The typing experience is very good as an entry-level keyboard.


back of Comb65

4. Monon se

Monon se is an aluminum keyboard. I bought this fully assembled keyboard with Gateron Tiffany switches and a Gateron transparent stabilizers from someone else. The Gateron transparent stabilizers are the worst stabilizers set I’ve ever used. Although the price of the transparent stabilizer set is close to 200 RMB, the wires would drop as soon as you remove the keycap on it. I really hate this stabilizer set. However, the Tiffany switch is very smooth with pleasant typing sound. It’s definitely worth the price.

Monon se + Key creative keycap set

5 -7. Monon r2

The fifth, sixth, and seventh of my keyboards are all Monon r2. Because all keyboards in this studio are in stock, I bought a lot to avoid waiting. One is made of PC, the other two are made of aluminum (one is for soldering and the other is hot-swappable). I can’t remember the exact price but it seemed that I spent 1200 RMB for each keyboard including keycap set, switches and all necessary accessories. This is the first keyboard I soldered myself, and it’s still very fulfilling.

PC+Key Creative

aluminum Monon r2 + GMK Oblivion

aluminum Monon r2 + Pikachu keycap set

8. Vega

My eighth keyboard, Vega, is also my favorite keyboard. My fateful Vega. With creative gasket structure, it is considered to be one of the best top-level customized keyboards. With soft typing feeling and great typing sounds, this well-designed keyboard provided me with excellent typing experience. The name of it, Vega, is also meaningful, both in Chinese and English. I waited for it for five months. And when I finally opened the its box, it felt like my lost wife had finally arrived home. I used the alpaca switch from Kevin and Ai03 to match my favorite keyboard. Because I was too lazy at that time, I skipped adding switch films and lubrication. But these can not affect the excellent performance of Vega. I swear she’s the best ever.

The predecessor of Vega is the Polaris designed by Ai03, which is a keyboard with gasket structure and hhkb layout. Polaris was too expensive for me to afford when I tried to buy one. Instead, I bought Vega for 2499 RMB along with 5-month waiting. Surely, Vega itself can cure everything.

Vega + artkey Bull + JTK Vostok 1

9. Space65 r2

The ninth keyboard of mine is Space65 r2 from Gray Studio. Strictly speaking, Space65 r1 is the first customized keyboard I’m interested in. So I always want to try it. Due to the high price of Space65 r1 in the second hand market, I switched to Space65 r2. In fact, having used it for a week, I’m a little disappointed about the typing experience of Space65 r2. But it looks really cool. And that would be worth it.

Space65 r2 + JTK Vostok 1

10. Primus 75

This is my first 75% keyboard and it is from Nexus Studio. Before I bought it, I experienced keyboard burnout. I bought it for two reasons, one is that its back design looks like a CPU and is rather cool. The other reason is that the studio named Nexus reminded me of my first mobile phone Nexus 6p. I went to an HK website to buy it with 64G storage at a price of 3,000 Yuan. You could install different frameworks to it and have different experiences with them. The one I remembered is Xposed. I think it is also the most used one.

The color of it is white and pink as well as the switches and satellite set I used. A beautiful keyboard with delighful typing experience. Just enjoy the beauty and functionality.

11. Matrix falcon

My last keyboard before I went abroad. With Cream switch and Enjoypbt keycaps. HHKB is really my favorite layout. Hope I got chance to use more fun keyboards. Hoep my obsession with keyboard can last longer.